Experience everything from the classics all the way through to the latest and greatest trance and progressive tracks to hit the dance floor in this podcast!


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  1. Chaider

    Hi Ketonom
    I would like to know ,f i you have facebook account to add you , I love of Trance music !

    Good Vibes
    Chaider – Brasil

  2. Alan

    why cant i download any of your podcasts to my harddrive. All it dose is plays automatically when i click on download ?

  3. Ketonom

    You might try right clicking on the download link and choosing the “Save target as…” or “Save link as…” option.

  4. cody

    i am wondering if you would like to sell the domain ketonom and all tracks currently on site? i would like to continue the name & same feel of music but periodicly add new sets. please email me for further contact info

  5. Ketonom

    Although I am intrigued by your request, I am afraid I would not be interested in selling my domain or name in general. I know I haven’t been putting anything new on the site for a while but that is due to my going through some hardships in life right now. All I can do right now is assure you that I have no intentions of giving up on music and I will certainly release more mixes as soon as I get back on my feet.

    So I thank you all for your interest and hope to have more for you in the future!

  6. thilo kraft

    hi ketonom . ich empfange deine musiksendung über das shoutcast radio . ich muß sagen , große klasse . mach weiter so .

    grüße aus berlin (germany)

  7. DJ Ringo Lyvingstone

    I heard you one night at ToonTopia, and loved it 🙂 do you have a facebook account?

  8. Ketonom

    I sure do! There is a link to it on the right side of this page. 🙂

  9. Brennus

    Hello Ketonom,

    I just heard one of your mix on http://www.di.fm/vocaltrance and loved it. After a little research, I can’t found “vocal elevation 01” even on your website. Is it still available some where ?

    Anyway congratulations for your work.


  10. Al

    hello Ketonom, Do you have any plans for adding any new elevations mixes? i found the first 5 excellent .. especially no 5

  11. sašo

    Hejjo! I would like to hear you play live, but can’t find any tour dates and venues. Best regards, Sašo, Slovenia! +++

  12. Kyle

    You are the best. Can’t get enough. Been running your tracks on repeat for 2 years. Thanks for the good mixes.

  13. Romo

    I’m going through a tough time and your Vocal Elevations sets are helping me through it – big thanks!

  14. Jan

    July 25 2011 you wrote you had hardships to deal with. How is life treating you now? Hearing the mixes there is still inspiration, skill, love and so much more in your life I guess. Please tell us about it? Yourself? Maybe time for some pictures on your Facebook! On gigs you perform at, your life, loved ones, you?

    Keep at it. It still feels so good. And that is something good coming from a spoiled Vocal Trance loving Dutchman. 😉

    Cheers, Jan.

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