Nov 02 2014

Life In Harmony 01

I previously recorded a couple of melodic sets (Living in Harmony) since I am a fan of melodic trance. I decided to just go ahead and start a melodic series out of it. These Life in Harmony mixes will only be up to 80 minutes (CD length) instead of a full 2 hours. Here is the first of that new series! Enjoy!


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  1. Another

    Awesome mix. Thank you!

  2. Sin

    It´s fantastic. You´re the best, i listen it several times.
    Thank you!!

  3. NUKE

    ONLY BEST MUSIC MIX??!!!??!!? ##?!!

  4. Brent

    This mix is just fantastic!

  5. Cynthia Hall

    I love it!

  6. Cristi P.

    Simple fantastic! Thanks for doing this!

  7. nero

    Are you planning on a new Life in Harmony mix?

  8. Globox

    I have just heard it from the first time today on DI.fm and I really loved it. It reminds me the best tracks of trance music I used to listen. Thank you very much for your creation and to share it.

  9. Dilyan Ananiev

    Incredible set. I have enjoyed every second of this 72 minutes. Thank you very much!!!

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