Jun 20 2010

Vocal Elevations 04


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  1. Pacman

    Great mix! The second tune, from about 07:00-13:00 what artist and title is it? Its awesome!

  2. Ketonom

    Thanks for the comment! The tracklist can be found here.

  3. Chaider Lima

    Very good this tune !

  4. Tom

    Dude your vocal sets are truly moving. Great sets!!!!

  5. Marc

    Greetings from Ottawa.

    We tuned in to Digitally Imported a few days ago and I listened to the entirety of Vocal Elevations 04. Brilliant mix – love your selection!

    Just downloaded so I can listen on my Ipad!

  6. Gaurav Pandey

    AWESOME! …keep up the power mixes!!! 🙂

  7. Tekniq

    Even though this was from late 2010, it’s by far the best I’ve heard from 2011!!!

    Thank you so much for your work and sharing the mix with us. Amazing set!!!

  8. AnonyMuse

    hahaha how does this only have seven comments?

  9. JazzDragon

    Awesome! I love your mixes, continue the great mix (making this 9 comments now!). I only heard pieces of it on DI.fm but I was hooked!
    Infact, it made me stop what I was doing and just listen – vocal trance channel is always on in the background so that’s a testiment to your powers! 🙂

  10. Moxi

    Men, I would like to download this, but when i click on download, doesnt work T.T what can i do?

  11. Moxi

    Forget It :D!

  12. Aaron

    Nice music!
    The player on your website sucks because it can’t skip forward until it’s buffered the part you wanna play.
    And I really hate not being able to tell which track is which.

  13. Ketonom

    Ah, well it’s just the player that comes with podpress. Most players will do that though since they have to download the mp3 to be able to play it for you.

  14. GibsonGirl99

    All Hail and Huzzah Ketonom! This is a bloody terrific mix, & one of the best uses of “Destination” I have ever heard!!! Thank you also, for the lovely artwork, the exquisite track lists, and the general clean, minimal website! Bravo, sirrah, bravo for all your hard work, excellent taste, and ever up-lifting talent! Bravo!

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