May 24 2009

Vocal Elevations 03

What many of you have been waiting for is finally finished! So without any further delay, here it is!


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  1. makkizza85

    help me please what the name is second song?

  2. Django

    Just heard it on DI.FM Brilliant mix mate!
    Cant wait for the next one.

  3. BT

    Great set, thank you so much! 🙂

  4. muncherelli

    I like the vocals, you should do more like this!

  5. sergei

    Beautiful mate,we need more

  6. Hercules

    I really love this mix, it ‘s a great set 🙂

  7. bst

    Just heard it on di.fm – amazing set 🙂 thank u v much 🙂 now i have something to listen – one more time thank u :))

  8. Tiaguito

    Beautiful, very Beautiful mix 🙂

  9. Alin

    This mix really needs another comment here. I love vocal trance and this is a great track collection. Keep going.

  10. Goran


  11. Andre

    Wow mate, take it from a pro musician (keyboard, drums, guitar, vocals and programming) DAMN NICE STUFF ! I like all style and when it comes to this one, i must say that’s one of the finest stuff i’ve heard on the net. My favorite part on this one is from minute 41 to minute 52 (or so)

    Lucky i’ve heard/found you on dance trance channel at shoutcast

  12. Sasha

    thank you. Cool muz

  13. Jan

    Heared elevation 03 on DIFM, went searching, found all this ……. thank you, thank you. It gives such a great feeling ….. vibe. Awesome. Thank you.

  14. sirlui

    Yeah, heard this on di.fm, awesome track.

  15. Davey

    Heard it on di.fm really late at night while I was playing starcraft II. I was blown away.

  16. di.fm listener

    Amazing! Superb!

    Please keep doing what you’re doing. Your stuff is excellent.

  17. Joe

    Heard it in di.fm playing sc2 too ^^

    I love it <3

  18. listener

    Simply amazing…
    I have no words.

  19. Gabriel

    Still good! Keep up the good work!

  20. Mitesh

    Awesome Awesome ..F**ing Mix– heard this track on DI.FM great music, great set with Vocal mix and uplifting melodies – perfect for my workout awesome work !!!
    definitely fan of yours !! thumbs up!!

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